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iKapa or Cape Town, about golf and wine tourism.

On iKapa.com you are in direct contact with the providers of the service. iKapa.com offers in co-operation with SafariLodges.com, a selection of opportunities for visitors to Cape Town or Kapstadt. The local tribe invented the name iKapa, before the colonial Cape Town was introduced. Travelers into The Southern Africa region often starts with Cape Town, as the gateway to The Republic of South Africa and the neighboring countries. The major tourist attraction in Cape Town is the cosmopolitan atmosphere, with a colorful mix of different cultures. The town is filled with history and lifestyle. Some of the favourite activities are wine tasting, golf, surfing, ocean safaris and plenty of top of the class cuisines. Once you have been to Cape Town and Western Cape you like to return back. Best way to explore the Western Cape is to hire a car and travel around in the province. A recommendation is to plan some days in the beginning and at the end of your stay in Cape Town, and the rest in a hired car travelling around the Western Cape. There are also many opportunities of close encounter with the wildlife in Western Province. Game lodges and game parks are on a steady growth in numbers, within an hour or two from the town centre of Cape Town.

On this portal you can choose among some of the best African safaris, safari packages or tailor-made safaris. There are many Tour Operators in Cape Town that can help you with tailor-made safaris. If you are prepared to go on your own self drive safari you will always find contacts and information that will be valuable.

This site works like a planning tool for your safari and adventure in South Africa and the neighboring countries. You are free to browse and navigate SafariLodges.com. When you have found something that attracts you, and you would like to make a booking enquiry, you should feel free and relaxed to do that. On this safari platform you can always make multiple booking enquiries, and administrate them from one and the same account, "
My Safari ".  It does not cost you anything to send an enquiry direct to the Service Provider (suppliers of safari- and safari related services). Before you can start to make your first booking enquiry you have to " Register " some basic contact details.

Welcome to iKapa.com and SafariLodges.com.
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